"Most of her solo work, however, has been done abroad with recitals in New York, Vienna, Paris, Seychelles, Zaragoza and Martinique."

First taste of victory singing a solo

In 2000, I sang a solo, “Voices of Spring”. That was my first opera solo. I sang in a girls’ choir, which won in the first ever Tirisano Schools Choral Eisteddfod. The choir was from Kwa-Komani Comprehensive School in Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. That’s where I started school and where my music journey started.

The best in the province

In 2001, I sang Summertime from Porgy and Bess while at the same school. I came out top of all the schools competing in the Eastern Cape and went on to represent the province in a national competition. The competition was in the Durban ICC, my first time singing there I won the national championships. The title came with an FNB scholarship to study music at the University of Cape Town.

Auditioning to enter varsity

In 2002, I auditioned for UCT College of Music and I was accepted. That’s when I started studying Opera music. It was a four year programme, under the guidance of Professor Virginia Davids.

Winning a scholarship

In my second year at UCT, I won a scholarship from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, a company that was based in New York. I was selected with another soloist to represent the UCT School of Music to go and perform in America. In America, I had a Master Class with the Director of New York City Opera.

Olympic Gold Medal

In 2004, I travelled to Germany with the Tirisano National Choir to compete at the National Choir Olympics where we won a Gold Medal.

Master Classes and Montserrat Caballé

In 2007, I achieved a Post Graduate Honours in Music and Performances with distinction. I am currently studying voice with Emma Renzi.

In 2011, I participated in the Mirella Freni Master Class at the Belcanto Academy.

In 2012, I performed at the Montserrat Caballe’s Master Class were I was selected as one of the best singers and was offered an opportunity to perform at Montserrat Caballe’s Gala Concerts.

Summer Program in Rome

In 2015, I attended the OC Ars Vocalis Academy’s Summer Program in Rome.

Singing for great leaders and royalty

I sang at the late Nelson Mandela’s birthday and for former President Thabo Mbeki. I went to Seychelles to perform at a Prince’s wedding.

I went from one place to the next performing, travelling from an early age. I was very fortunate, when I was not representing my school, then I was performing for Presidents, for Ministers.

I performed for over 57 Heads of States at the 2015 The Year of China in South Africa.

First international victory

My first International victory came after taking a break from my hectic music schedule to spend time with my family and reconnect with friends and relatives. I staged a Sunday evening warm up concert before heading to Vienna where I competed with some of the best opera talent in the world. I won first prize in the LJUBA WELITSCH International Singing Contest in July 2016. I was crowned the best Salome in the portrayal of this latter day opera singer. I came back a proud South African with my certificate, prize and trophy.